Updates & Notifications


Minutes for 270th Registration Board Meeting held on 25-26th May, 2017   (Dt.Up.07-07-2017)

Amendments in the Drugs (Labelling & Packing) Rules, 1986   (Dt.Up.23-06-2017)

 Minutes for 269th Meeting of Registration Board held on 27-28th April,2017   (Dt.Up.22-06-2017)

 MDMC-List of Provisional Establishment Certificates Issued   (Dt.Up.09-06-2017)

 List of Acknowledgements Regarding Provisional Registration of Medical Devices for Import   (Dt.Up.09-06-2017)

 Minutes of 252nd Meeting of Central Licensing Board held on 15th March,2017   (Dt.Up.01-06-2017)

 Monthly Progress Report of Licensing Division & MINUTES OF 252ND MEETING OF CLB   (Dt.Up.01-06-2017)

 Notice for Meeting of Appellate Board to be held on 24th May, 2017   (Dt.Up.19-05-2017)

 NOTIFICATION-SRO 307(I)/2017 Amendments in the Drugs(Labelling and Packing) Rules,1986   (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

 Online National Registery of Cardiac Stent System   (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

 Advertisement for EOI for Consultancy Services   (Dt.Up.05-05-2017)

 CIOMS Form For ADRs Reporting by Manufacturer / Importer (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Form For Health Care Professional  (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

 Advertisement For Expression of Interest (EOI) For Consultancy Services (Dt.Up.05-04-2017)

 Import of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / Drug Substances (Dt.Up.04-04-2017)

 Use of  Packaging Materials for Pharmaceutical Preparations(Dt.Up.27-03-2017)

 Corrigendum (Tender Notice for Purchase of Steel Racks) (Dt.Up.27-03-2017)

 Advisory For Taking Measures To Check The Irrational Restrictive and Exorbitant Price of Cardiac Stents (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form 1 - Application Form For Grant of Provisional Establishment Certificate To Import Medical Devices Provided in Schedule "A" (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form2 - Application Form For Provisional Registration of a Medical Device for Import Provided in Schedule "A" (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form3 - Provisional Establishment Certificate To Import Medical Devices Provideded in Schedule A (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 New Notification of Medical Devices (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Schedule "A" of the New Notification of Medical Devices (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Policy Directive by the Federal Government to DRAP (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Tender Notice for Purchase of Steel Racks (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 List of Registered Catheters (As per intial registration letter)  (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

List of Registered Catheters (As per intial registration letter)   (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

List of Registered Stents (As per intial registration letter)   (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

Fluoroquinolones Package Insert Update Advisory  (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Package Insert Update Advisory  (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

 Circular (Export Facilitation For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)    (Dt.Up.16-02-2017)

  S.R.O.28(I)/2013 (Import of Anti-Cancer Drugs, Cardiac Drugs and Essential Life Saving Drugs by Institution)   (Dt.Up.06-02-2017)

  Draft Labelling Rules 2016 of HOTC  ,,,,,,,,, Draft Labelling Rules 2016 Notification   (Dt.Up.06-02-2017)

  Publication of Annual Procurement Plan of DRAP for the Year 2016-17   (Dt.Up.02-02-2017)

  List of Registered Stents with DRAP   (Dt.Up.19-01-2017)

Clarification Regarding National Essential Medicines List (NEML)   (Dt.Up.09-01-2017)

  Compliation of Data Relating To Registration of Drugs   (Dt.Up.05-01-2017)

   Provisional Draft List of Registered Drugs (Dt.Up.31-12-2016)

Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices  (Dt.Up.27-12-2016)

Notification regarding addition of Molecules after S.No.323 (F.No.9-12/2014-DDC (P)(V-III)   (Dt.Up.26-12-2016)

  Agenda for 20th Meeting of DPC Scheduled to be held on 27th Dec, 2016 (Dt.Up.20-12-2016)

Awareness Campaign on "SAY NO TO CORRUPTION" 22-11-2016   (Dt.Up.17-11-2016)

  Evaluation Report (Procurement of Furniture for DRAP)   (Dt.Up.05-10-2016)

Revised Guidelines / Standard Operating Procedure for Quota Allocation of Controlled Substances  (Dt.Up.09-09-2016)

  SRO regarding extension in exemption dates of class 'C' and 'D' (Medical Devices)   (Dt.Up.26-08-2016)

  Agenda of 20th Meeting DPC meeting Scheduled to be held on 30th August, 2016 . (Meeting was Postponed ). (Dt.Up.16-08-2016)

  Tender (List of Stationery / Non Stationery Items) , Terms &  Conditions  (Dt.Up.05-08-2016)

  Annual Drug Price Increase Worksheet for  the year 2016   (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

  S.R.O.628 (I)/2016 (Pricing)   (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

  S.R.O.624 (I)/2016 (Pricing)   (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

  Public Notice for Pricing of Drugs (Urdu Version)   (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

  Public Notice for Pricing of Drugs (English Version)   (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

  Agenda of 19th DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 14th July, 2016   (Dt.Up.12-07-2016)

  National Essential Medicines List (NEML), 2016   (Dt.Up.22-07-2016)

S.R.O.560(I)/2016 (Pricing)  (Dt.Up.27-06-2016)

S.R.O. F-3-5/2013-DDC (Alternative Medicines and Health Products. (Dt.Up.20-06-2016)

Agenda of 18th DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 27th June 2016  (Dt.Up.10-06-2016)

SOP for Annual Price Increase  (Dt.Up.06-06-2016)

Agenda of 16th DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 4th & 5th May, 2016   (Dt.Up.19-04-2016)

Applications are invited for Internship Programme   (Dt.Up.15-03-2016)

  Agenda of Hardship Cases of Drugs Names of Molecules for 30% Price Reduction  (Dt.Up.18-02-2016).

Agenda of 14th DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 31-12-2015  (Dt.Up.22-12-2015).

Invitation To Bid For Procurement of Pakistan Investment Bonds   (Dt.Up.07-12-2015). 

  Correct version of The Drugs Act, 1976 . (Dt.Up.10-11-2015).

Invitation to BID for Procurement of Pakistan Investment Bonds  (Dt.Up.03-11-2015).

NTS Announced Result    (Dt.Up.16-10-2015).

Tender Notice for Pre-Qualification for Hiring of Public Relations and Media Managment Firms   (Dt.Up.15-10-2015). Terms of Reference for PR and Media Managment Firms.  (Dt.Up.15-10-2015).

Amended DRAP Service Rules  (Dt.Up.15-10-2015).  DRAP Service Rules  (Dt.Up.24-04-2015).

SRO(1)/2015 dated 12-10-2015 Notification regarding Alternate Medicines and Health Products.  (Dt.Up.14-10-2015)

Tender Notice for Supply of Stationery and Non-Stationery Miscellnious Items  (Dt.Up.05-10-2015)

  DRAP Furniture Procurement Pre-Qualification Document for TF Comfplex Project  (Dt.Up.22-09-2015) 

Pre-qualification for Furnishing / Furniture Works  (Dt.Up.21-09-2015) 

Submission of Differential Fee and Deficiencies for Submitted Registration Dossiers  (Dt.Up.17-09-2015) 

Draft List of Pending Applications for Registration of Biolocal Drugs  (Dt.Up.11-09-2015)  

143rd Meeting of the Appellate Board to be held on 29th July, 2015  (Dt.Up.16-07-2015)  

Agenda of DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 28-07-2015  (Dt.Up.15-07-2015) 

Enlistment / Registration as Health & OTC Products  (Dt.Up.08-07-2015) 

Preparation of List for Pending Applications of Biological Drugs  (Dt.Up.16-06-2015)

PPRA Evaluation Report (Commercial Banking Services)  (Dt.Up.12-06-2015)

Seminar on Medical Devices Regulation  (Dt.Up.10-06-2015)

SRO 471(I)/2015 of Drugs (Appellate Board)   (Dt.Up.29-05-2015)

PPRA Evaluation Report (Interior Designing)   (Dt.Up.22-05-2015) 

Revised List of Pending Applications for Price Increase  (Dt.Up.07-05-2015)

Corrigendume for Job Advertisement  (Dt.Up.29-04-2015) 

DRAP Notification  (Dt.Up.28-04-2015)

Job Advertisement   (Dt.Up.24-04-2015)  (For any further queries / questions

please contact NTS at  http://www.nts.org.pk/contact-us.php)

DRAP Service Rules  (Dt.Up.24-04-2015)

Updated List of Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers  (Dt.Up.14-04-2015)

List of Pending Applications for Price Increase  (Dt.Up.09-04-2015)

EOI Commercial Banking Corrigendum   (Dt.Up.07-04-2015)

Tender Notice for EOI Commercial Banking (Dt.Up.30-03-2015)

Tender Notice (Central Drugs Laboratory, Karachi) (Dt.Up.30-03-2015)

Medical Devices Rules, 2015 Approved and Notified on 09-03-2015   (Dt.Up. 13-03-2015)

Drug Pricing Policy, 2015 (Dt.Up. 13-03-2015)

Notification (Priority of Pending Registration Applications) 24-02-15

Final Annual Procurement (27.01.2015) 

Evaluation Report As Per Rule 35 of PP Rules,2014 Dated 05-11-2014

PUBLIC NOTICE (Alternative Medicines) (23-07-2014)

Committee for Disposal of Registration Applications of Public Health Urgency (15-07-14)

List of Pending Registration Applications with Complete Fee (13-06-14)


Public Notice for recall of Phenergan ® Elixir (Promethazine HCI). Batch #WL 111 of Sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited Karachi.