Vision & Mission

Access to Therapeutic Goods ---
Drugs,Biologics, devices, alternate medicines and Health products

A Right of Public & Patient

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan
Responsible for assuring this right
Being a custodian for therapeutic goods for public and patient right and need And being a public and patient focused organization

Our Vision: is therefore based on Public centered and Patient focused approach that mainly surrounds
Availability is a first step to access to medicine and therapeutic goods
Quality, Safety & Efficiency:
Availibity with Quality, Efficacy and Safety
Affordability & Reasonability::
To ensure a mechanism for price control with a balance between a price with patient affordability and reasonability ensuring viability to continue its supply, when needed.
Therapeutic Goods --
With Scope for services, regulations and enforcement for:
Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices & Alternate Medicines and other Health and Hygeine Products, Medical Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, OTC (Non Drug)
People Centered and Patient Focused Organization



Health for all by 2025 through Access to medicine, contributing to advancement in health care in Pakistan
(*Consistent with the Pakistan Vision 2025, in line with United Nations commitment and 11th Five Year domestic Plan and other priorities of the Government)


To ensure access of safe, quality and efficacious medicine at affordable prices and earliest availability of new treatment opportunities for the people of Pakistan, Working as a highly Professional & world class Regulatory Organization at par with international standards and best practices, through effective management, regulations and enforcement and to support national health system management through effective therapeutic goods management and strategies.
(**Consistent with roles, responsibilities and functions of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and Ministry of National health Services, Regulations and Coordination’s)

Objectives for the Mission:**

Achieving in General through:

  1.   Restructuring, transforming regulations and operation of DRAP on rationale and modern scientific basis and current trend of global regulatory environment, in line with Stringent Regulatory Agencies, to comply the mission of DRAP.
  2. Capacity and team building: Induction, training and development of human resource to strengthen, operationalize and manage effectively present and new areas of regulations and enforcement.

  3. Development and up gradation of available facilities of Laboratories of DRAP and introduction of new facilities and laboratories, especially for market surveillance, forensic investigation and for new regulations enforcement for Medical Devices, health & OTC (Non drug), Nutraceuticals, Alternate medicine, Traditional Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, etc., in addition to routing functions.

  4. Effective and result oriented management and professional working environment with equivalent growth opportunities, transparency and accountability in DRAP head quarter, its field offices and laboratories.