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The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has been established under the DRAP Act 2012 to provide effective coordination and enforcement of the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976) and to bring harmony in inter-provincial trade and commerce of therapeutic goods.

page updated on 28.04.2017


 Online National Registery of Cardiac Stent System (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

 CIOMS Form For ADRs Reporting by Manufacturer / Importer (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Form For Health Care Professional  (Dt.Up.28-04-2017)

 Advertisement For Expression of Interest (EOI) For Consultancy Services (Dt.Up.05-04-2017)

 Import of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / Drug Substances (Dt.Up.04-04-2017)

 Use of  Packaging Materials for Pharmaceutical Preparations(Dt.Up.27-03-2017)

 Corrigendum (Tender Notice for Purchase of Steel Racks) (Dt.Up.27-03-2017)

 Advisory For Taking Measures To Check The Irrational Restrictive and Exorbitant Price of Cardiac Stents (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form 1 - Application Form For Grant of Provisional Establishment Certificate To Import Medical Devices Provided in Schedule "A" (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form2 - Application Form For Provisional Registration of a Medical Device for Import Provided in Schedule "A" (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 Form3 - Provisional Establishment Certificate To Import Medical Devices Provideded in Schedule A (Dt.Up.24-03-2017)

 New Notification of Medical Devices (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Schedule "A" of the New Notification of Medical Devices (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Policy Directive by the Federal Government to DRAP (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 Tender Notice for Purchase of Steel Racks (Dt.Up.15-03-2017)

 List of Registered Catheters (As per intial registration letter)  (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

 List of Registered Stents (As per intial registration letter) (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

Fluoroquinolones Package Insert Update Advisory (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride Package Insert Update Advisory (Dt.Up.10-03-2017)

 Circular (Export Facilitation For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)  (Dt.Up.16-02-2017)

 S.R.O.28(I)/2013 (Import of Anti-Cancer Drugs, Cardiac Drugs and Essential Life Saving Drugs by Institution)  (Dt.Up.06-02-2017)

 Draft Labelling Rules 2016 of HOTC ,,,,,,,,,Draft Labelling Rules 2016 Notification (Dt.Up.06-02-2017)

 Publication of Annual Procurement Plan of DRAP for the Year 2016-17 (Dt.Up.02-02-2017)

 List of Registered Stents with DRAP (Dt.Up.19-01-2017)

Clarification Regarding National Essential Medicines List (NEML) (Dt.Up.09-01-2017)

 Compliation of Data Relating To Registration of Drugs (Dt.Up.05-01-2017)

  Provisional Draft List of Registered Drugs (Dt.Up.31-12-2016)

Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices (Dt.Up.27-12-2016)

Notification regarding addition of Molecules after S.No.323 (F.No.9-12/2014-DDC (P)(V-III) (Dt.Up.26-12-2016)

 Agenda for 20th Meeting of DPC Scheduled to be held on 27th Dec, 2016 (Dt.Up.20-12-2016)

Awareness Campaign on "SAY NO TO CORRUPTION" 22-11-2016 (Dt.Up.17-11-2016)

 Evaluation Report (Procurement of Furniture for DRAP) (Dt.Up.05-10-2016)

Revised Guidelines / Standard Operating Procedure for Quota Allocation of Controlled Substances (Dt.Up.09-09-2016)

 SRO regarding extension in exemption dates of class 'C' and 'D' (Medical Devices)  (Dt.Up.26-08-2016)

 Agenda of 20th Meeting DPC meeting Scheduled to be held on 30th August, 2016.(Meeting was Postponed).(Dt.Up.16-08-2016)

 Tender (List of Stationery / Non Stationery Items), Terms & Conditions (Dt.Up.05-08-2016)

 Annual Drug Price Increase Worksheet for  the year 2016 (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

 S.R.O.628 (I)/2016 (Pricing)  (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

 S.R.O.624 (I)/2016 (Pricing) (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

 Public Notice for Pricing of Drugs (Urdu Version) (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

 Public Notice for Pricing of Drugs (English Version) (Dt.Up.26-07-2016)

 Agenda of 19th DPC meeting scheduled to be held on 14th July, 2016 (Dt.Up.12-07-2016)

 National Essential Medicines List (NEML), 2016 (Dt.Up.22-07-2016)

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